Wife catches hubby and her friend intimate in kitchen


A Hwange man has been caught having midnight sex with a neighbour in his kitchen by his wife. Lucky Moyo of Section H in Hwange sneaked in his next door lover, Tracy, into his kitchen while his wife slept.

But his wife, identified as Mai Cole, was woken up by noises from the kitchen.

“There was drama at section H when Mai Cole caught her husband having sex in the kitchen with her friend who is also their neighbour. It was at midnight when she was disturbed by some noises and therefore decided to check on what was happening as she suspected there were thieves.

“Surprisingly, when she tried to switch on the lights, she heard her husband’s voice ordering her to return to the bedroom. She then switched on the lights and found underwear on the ground while her husband and neighbour were naked showing that she had disturbed them in action,” said a source.

Mai Cole screamed for help and neighbours rushed to the scene. Tracy tried to escape but was held by neighbours who wanted answers.

“She was saved by Moyo who chased people from his home before locking doors and settling the issue with the two women,” said the source.

Mai Cole confirmed the issue, but said she was not comfortable with discussing the matter with the media.