Suluman Chimbetu’s wedding on the cards


Award-winning dendera maestro, Suluman Chimbetu “popped the question” as he celebrated his 33rd birthday in style at the Private Lounge in the capital last week.

Upon arriving at the venue, one would not think it was mid-week, as cars were lined up along Harare Street as if it were a Friday night gig or some Saturday shutdown mission.

The highlight of the evening was when one of the event organisers, Mahwindo, during her speech said, “We congratulate you Sulu as you turn 33 years old today, may you continue to give us more good music and may the Lord bless you with more years. However, we are sick and tired of small things like these birthday parties, we want a wedding!”

At the mention of wedding the crowd broke into wild roars and all Sulu and wife could do was just smile. Sulu later took to the stage, thanked all fellow musicians, fans, sponsors, promoters and his band for their love and support and then he spiced up the evening by responding to Mahwindo’s demand saying: “Mahwindo I have heard your request and you leave me with no option but to ask my wife in the presence of all these people if she wants a wedding.” (as he knelt on both knees) After Sulu’s request, his wife responded yes, much to the delight and riotous applause of the crowd who were packed in the downtown joint.

So in a few months’ time, we can expect a wedding for the “Sean Timba” hitmaker. The party was backed by heavy corporate support, as companies like Doves Funeral Services, Impala Car Rental, Savanna Tobacco, Anod Driving, Zinara, Alpha and Omega, and Jive Zimbabwe, among many others, joined forces to celebrate another year of the dendera maestro.

When we entered the venue, we were ushered into the VIP lounge where we mingled with the birthday boy and his lovely wife, alongside fellow musicians, promoters, and sponsors of the event. In the lounge guests were treated to all sorts of snacks while those who wanted to irrigate themselves got their favourite drinks for free. After nibbling and drinking in the lounge, it was now time for the birthday boy to go and party with his fans who were waiting for him in the main auditorium.

The thrilled fans broke out into cheers as Sulu and crew entered the room and assumed their seats, and then it was time to endure the “boring” speeches. Fortunately, the speakers, kept their birthday messages short and sweet, except for just a few.

From there on, the party proceeded with Jah Prayzah dropping a track he wrote for Sulu’s birthday. His performance was followed by the cake cutting ceremony and energetic live performances from the likes of First Farai, Progress Chipfumo, Afrika Revenge, Tryson Chimbetu, and Peter Moyo, among many others. Among the several cash gifts he received, Sulu walked away with a business stand worth $30 000 from a Bulawayo-based businessman – a welcome addition for him and his blushing bride to be.