Prominent pastor caught red-handed receiving dark powers


The shamed “Sex Prophet” who is the founder of the powerful UK based mega-church Pentecostal AGAPE for All Nations congregation, a ZAOGA church defector, has been exposed on camera receiving ‘Satanic power’ graces from a witch doctor.

Masocha in a photographic expose is seen in footage sitting while “seeding in” Sangoma powers in a secret hut in South Africa.

Masocha known to his church folk as God’s High Commissioner, The Prophet, Daddy and Archbishop, was last month convicted of several sex attacks on church women and was last week slapped with new charges.

In the photographic coverage previously unknown to his church members, Masocha is seen gaping mouth wide receiving Satanic graces as he also sits down fascinated by two N’angas. Pentecostal Christians view Sangomas to possess so called Satanic powers a thing which they say is prohibited by the Bible.

Masocha’s empire was modelled after the ZAOGA Forward In Faith church after he defected from that organisation carrying with him thousands of mentor Ezekiel Guti’s followers much to Guti’s disappointment. Masocha is currently awaiting sentencing for his conviction due for the 16th June at Falkirk Sherriff Court.

Prophet “Encouraged Murder of Little Scott Chiriseri”

Meawnhile Masocha is also believed to have encouraged a mother and member of his church to kill her baby son, Scott Chiriseri, a murder now being investigated by police and social workers.

According to former church member: “On the 12th December 2012 Walter Masocha openly taught his congregation that a true member of Agape Church should be willing to die as a sacrifice for the church. He taught his members that “dying” for the church was only reserved to committed church members and those who were not willing to die were not true children of Agape.

“A number of strange unexplained deaths had suddenly occurred prior to the “ritual killing teaching” Now former cult members are revealing that the cult is heavily involved in witchcraft and voodoo that demands blood human sacrifices that “draws church members to be under a spell to worship the former Archbishop and give him all their hard earned money.

“Last week one former cult member told me Walter Masocha used witchcraft to “steal peoples blessings and gave them his sweaty handkerchiefs as bad luck”. Apparently when he ‘laid his hands’ on church members he would “steal their blessings” and give them ‘bad luck’ instead. She said it explains why most of the cult members are living in extreme poverty to the point of their children stealing food from Asda shops due to hunger. “

Masocha is to be sentenced on the anniversary of the day he announced to be the day as he says, “God told me to start this church”.