Nketa 7 Cheeky goblins throwing stones and cups of mealie-meal to households


A family in Nketa 7 suburb in Bulawayo is reportedly living in fear following chilling reports that their house is allegedly being haunted by mysterious fires and “cheeky” stone-throwing “ghosts” which also put cupfuls of mealie-meal and milk under their beds and sofas.

While the family admits that mysterious episodes are unfolding at their house, they professed ignorance on the source of those strange happenings.

Narrating to B-Metro details of the strange happenings ,  owner of the house Deford Mbiba  said trouble started on Tuesday last week when stones whose origin he could not ascertain  started raining all over his house destroying window panes.

Mbiba said as a warning that disaster was coming to his family on Tuesday morning, he found cupfuls of mealie-meal and milk under their beds and sofas.

“Trouble started on Tuesday afternoon when I heard sounds of breaking glasses. When I looked around I found that three of my window panes had been smashed. At first I thought it was probably some naughty children throwing stones, but surprisingly there was no one in sight. While I was still looking at the smashed window panes and contemplating what might have caused the damage, more window panes were smashed.

“I am greatly concerned because the whole thing is beginning to affect my family. I am now a stranger in my house as I cannot stand the ordeal which I suspect is being caused by mystical creatures, ” said a troubled Mbiba.

Apart from throwing stones, the alleged spooks on Sunday started fire in Mbiba’s bedroom burning curtains, blankets and part of the bed before it mysteriously spread to the sitting room where it consumed a new set of sofas. The torment reportedly went a gear up after Mbida invited members of his church to conduct prayers at his house.

“The fire suddenly broke out as a tiny flame and we used buckets of water to put it out only for another fresh and smouldering fire to start burning curtains, bed and blankets before it mysteriously spread to the sitting room where it also consumed a new set of sofas which my wife recently brought from South Africa.

“Although the torment went a gear up on Sunday afternoon soon after inviting my church members for prayer sessions, it later ceased when they came for the second time on Monday and that is when we started to experience peaceful nights,” said Mbiba.

Mbiba’s wife, Grace Mkandla also concurred with her husband saying the whole family was puzzled by the mysterious fires and stone throwing “ghosts” which were tormenting their family.

A neighbour who spoke to B-Metro said they were also living in fear of the daring “ghosts” after they extended their terror to their houses. The neighbour who preferred anonymity said he teamed up with others and reported the matter to Mzamu Dube, councillor for Nketa Ward 25.

Cllr Dube confirmed the incident.  “After receiving the report I went to the house and saw the damage which was caused by the mysterious fire and mystical creatures. I also talked to the neighbours who approached me with the case and urged them to unite in prayer with the Mbiba family and fight against the menacing creatures terrorising one of them,” he said.