Masvingo business man offers $5 as mainteinance for two kids


MASVINGO: A local businessman who runs a fleet of commuter omnibuses stunned a local court on Monday when he offered to pay $5 per month maintenance for the upkeep of his two minor children.

Cladious Mukozho who operates Chihwa tours plying the local route was dragged to court by his wife of five years, Ester Moyo, who was demanding $300 a month towards the up keep of their two children aged 5 and 3 years.

In opposing the amount Mukozho said his business empire was crumbling due to the prevailing economic hardships, adding he was left with just two buses which are operating at a loss.

“Most of my vehicles are grounded and I have started another family since I separated with this woman last year. I cannot afford to pay the money that she is demanding.
“I am able to provide only $5 a month for the two children until such a time my business starts to perform again,” he said.

Moyo had earlier on told the court that Mukuzho, on average pockets $1,500 a month from his transport business after deducting salaries for his workers.

She also claimed that Mukozho was taking good care for children of his other girlfriends and even paying school fees for a lover’s son studying at a local university.

“It pains me that I helped him start the business, but when he started making money he divorced me to take care of his girls dotted around Masvingo and even going to the extent of spoiling other children that are not his yet his biological kids are suffering, “said a sobbing Moyo, while producing WhatsApp chats between her and Mukozho’s girlfriend.
In passing judgement, Magistrate Noel Mupeiwa, ordered Mukhozho to pay $150 for the two children, starting end of May.