Lady Squanda pulls a shocker as she smashes her customer with a bottle


DanceHall chanter Sandra Gazi popularly known as Lady Squanda was on Tuesday locked in at St Mary’s holding cells after thoroughly beating up her client with a bottle.

She was detained at St Mary’s police station as she could not manage to raise US$20 fine for assaulting her client whom she sold a duvet.

Squanda, who is well known for breaking very controversial headlines, assaulted her client at Daddy’s in Zengeza 3. She is said to have been involved in an altercation with the unnamed victim over a US$60 debt.

“I sold a duvet to her valued at US$60 but she failed to give me my money in time. When I approached her trying to recover my money, she ganged up on me with another woman and started insulting me, saying I’m a prostitute. I then slapped her but I did not hit her with a bottle as she is claiming. How could she say I’m a prostitute?” Squanda said from the police holding cell.

The musician was being jointly charged with a man only identified as Allan for the assault.

Below are some of the incidents where Squanda pulled a shocker within the past 2 years. Examples include faking her death, confessing to smoking marijuana, attacking her ex-boyfriend’s new lover and calling her ex-boyfriend DJ Staera gay after he failed to sexually satisfy her.

Late last year, Squanda was the only performer booed at Hifa after singing words that even the liberal dancehall crowd found distasteful after saying “ndakarwadziwa sedhodh* remaguava,” in apparent reference to constipation which was a step too far even for that crowd.

Squanda also reportedly thoroughly bashed another female musician, Lipsy, until she collapses while fighting for a South African boyfriend.

The brawl ensued amid allegations that Lipsy had texted Squanda’s South Africa based boyfriend Prince “Bolo” Sithole a message indicating that Squanda was a prostitute.

She also nearly killed her 75-year-old grandmother Eunice Tomana with shock after she faked her own death as a way of marketing her song titled Rufu RwaSquanda.

After faking her death she then said: “I was sleeping then I imagined what will happen if I die, the whole confusion surrounding my death, journalists and police officers running up and down trying to establish the cause of my death, my grandmother mourning me and so forth.

I then decided to put the picture in reality and I am happy that is exactly what happened … journalists running up and down, my grandmother and other close relatives mourning.”