Gutu juvenile craves for intimacy with a virgin: Rapes niece 11


A 17 year old juvenile on Wednesday stunned the local magistrate court when he said he raped his niece, 11, to have a feel of how it was like to have sex with a virgin.

The boy said he had sexual intercourse with a number of girls in his village but none were virgins and had lost hope of ever meeting one.

As such, he told the court, he thought it opportune to force himself on his niece whom he stayed with together with their grandmother, 75, in Gutu.

“I feel ashamed of myself for committing the crime; all I wanted was to sleep with a virgin.

“I slept with many girls in my village and had lost hope of ever finding one (virgin),” said the juvenile.

He pleaded guilty to rape charges. Regional magistrate Collect Ncube slapped him with a six year jail sentence but the boy will effectively serve three years behind bars after the other half was conditionally suspended.

Magistrate Ncube said the juvenile could have been given a lengthy jail term but had shown remorse during the trial and there was a likelihood he could reform if he spent a moderate time behind bars.

Sophia Busvumani told the court that on the day unknown to the prosecutors but during the period extending 1 August to 14 September this year, the juvenile raped his niece on three occasions and each time he threatened the girl with assault or death if she told anyone about the abuse.

The court heard that on the first count, the juvenile lifted the girl to a nearby bush and asked his victim for permission to have sexual intercourse. The girl reportedly refused but was threatened with death if she cried for help and was raped once.

On the second and third counts, the court heard, the boy called the girl to his bedroom each time their grandmother was in the kitchen preparing food.

The matter came to light after the girl was quizzed by the grandmother after being noticed coming out of the bedroom.

A police report was made leading to the arrest of the boy while his victim was taken to Gutu rural hospital. A medical report which confirmed the abuse was produced in court as evidence